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Engaged in the dynamic realm of business and startups, I navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with a fervor for innovation, aspiring to shape a better future for my community and beyond. As a proud resident of Khulna, Bangladesh, I channel my passion into building a legacy of progress and success.

Overseas EduCare is a world class consultancy firm located in Bangladesh. Currently working with multiple universities in 15+ Countries worldwide. 

Tijarart is a e-Commerce business located in Dubai, UAE

A2Z Network is a privilege membership company located in Bangladesh. 

Wish Tourism is a Tour Guiding Company located in Bangladesh.

Wish IT is a World Class IT Company located in Bangladesh. Working with many international alliances. 

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“Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, and through relentless passion and dedication, I strive to orchestrate a symphony of positive change in every endeavor.”

Explore Boundless Opportunities

Embark on a journey with Shah Arafat Rahib, an entrepreneurial trailblazer from Khulna, Bangladesh, as he passionately explores boundless opportunities to build a better future through innovation and commitment.

My Focus Points

Focused on driving innovation and creating impact, Shah Arafat Rahib relentlessly pursues opportunities to revolutionize industries and uplift communities.


Innovative Tech Solutions


Global Market Expansion


Sustainable Business Practices

Some Moments Of Achievements

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Home - Shah Arafat Rahib
Home - Shah Arafat Rahib
Home - Shah Arafat Rahib
Home - Shah Arafat Rahib