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Journey of Innovation and Commitment: Shah Arafat Rahib's Path to a Better Future

Welcome to the world of Shah Arafat Rahib, a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and a commitment to building a better future. Born and raised in Khulna, Bangladesh, I am now proudly raising my young family in this vibrant community.

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Drawing from a decade of seasoned expertise, I bring a wealth of experience to drive excellence in every endeavor.

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Nurturing a thriving community of 10,000 individuals united by a shared vision and passion for progress.

International Awards

Proud recipient of three prestigious International  awards, showcasing excellence and dedication in my endeavors.


Embarking on a diverse entrepreneurial journey, I lead four ventures, each fueled by innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, and in its rhythm, we find the melody of a brighter future.

As a wise visionary, Shah Arafat Rahib navigates the complexities of entrepreneurship with insightful perspectives, steering towards success with a blend of foresight and strategic acumen.

Shahoriar Nazim Rifat

CEO | Incieto

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